Frequently Asked Questions

Heat pumps simply transfer free heat (not air) from one place to another, just like your refrigerator does. The heat that rises from the back of your fridge is coming from inside. An evaporator coil extracts warmth from the air inside, and transfers it out into your kitchen through the condenser coil in the back.

Heat pumps work in the same way. Two coils, one inside your home, and one outside are linked to draw warmth from the outside air (even on a cold Kiwi winter's night) and transfer it into your home.

That's a major advantage over electric or gas heaters, as heat pumps have no heating elements to burn energy. Then, at the click of a switch your heat pump can run in reverse, acting as an air conditioner to pump heat out of your home reducing humidity and keeping it fresh and cool in summer.

How heat pumps work

It is a recommendation of the Energy Safety Board that all heat pumps be wired direct. (see attached letter outlining the reasons). However, if the circuit is thoroughly checked out and sufficient capacity is available it is permissible to utilise that circuit. We as a company run the supply direct from the switchboard wherever possible. As you can no doubt appreciate this is more costly and should be taken into account when comparing quotes.

Yes. Whenever electrical installation work is carried out, you should get one. If you are not given one, ask for it, as it is a legal requirement. It is also sensible to see the installers Electrical Registration Card before the electrical work is carried out.

This very much depends on the fan speed and the usage, but generally approximately twelve months.

The CHANGE FILTER light will illuminate on the wall controller. At this point you do not have to switch the system off . However, a replacement filter should be arranged A.S.A.P.

If you are happy to change the filter yourself, contact us and we will despatch a replacement at a cost of $100.00 incl. gst and carriage (F7- Filter). We also offer a replacement service, which includes a basic system check at the same time. The cost for this service is $178 .00 incl. GST (F7-Filter).

As an additional service for $35.00 incl. gst we will install a quality rodent bait within your roof void. The reason for offering this service is we have found that the majority of homes have a rodent problem. The severity of the problem varies and very often the home occupier is not aware of it. This service saves you the awful job of crawling through the roof space and gives you peace of mind.

Heat transfer of surplus heat from a log burner or gas fire is very effective, but do not expect it to fully heat the whole house. A general rise in temperature will be achieved. As heat pump installers we as a company prefer not to transfer heat from a heat pump.

It introduces fresh, filtered, pollen free air into the home even when the doors and windows are closed. When the climatic conditions allow, it can also have a cooling effect. However, on very warm, humid days this cooling effect is sadly reduced. In these conditions air-conditioning is the solution.(check out our combination offer and have the best of both worlds).

Yes they can. However, it is obviously cheaper to do it at the initial install stage.

Defrost function is a feature on every heat pump and is designed to remove ice build up on the outdoor unit heat exchanger. This has occurred during the heating process of the heat pump because the outdoor part has been taking the heat and moisture from the air.