Energy Savings

Saving Energy Costs for Heating by having a House Ventilation System installed

With a home ventilation system you can save energy for your heating, because the air will be drier in your house. And dry air is easier and faster to heat.

Furthermore the Positive Pressure System uses air, that gets heated up in the roof by the sun during the day. And the Smart-Vent Synergy System recovers heat from everyday activities in the house.

Saving Energy Costs for Heating with Heat Pumps

Heat pumps transfers heat from the air outside to inside the house. The only energy heat pumps need is the electricity for the fans and compressor. They need up to 4 times less energy than traditional heaters to convert energy to heat. The Fujitsu heat pumps use around 33% less power than other electric heaters to achieve the same result.

Fujitsu has several of it's heat pumps awarded with the "ENERGY STAR". ENERGY STAR is the global mark of energy efficiency. Only the top 25% most energy efficient appliances, home electronic products and office equipment in each category can get it.

ENERGY STAR qualified products save you money by using less electricity.