SmartVent SV02 Lite

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SmartVent SV02 Lite

SmartVent SV02 Lite

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SmartVent Lite is an economical ventilation system that monitors temperature conditions to ensure that you are protecting your home or rental property with quality air always circulating.

As a positive pressure system, SmartVent Lite draws in fresher air from the roof cavity and filters it before distributing the clean air into, and around, your home via a network of ceiling diffusers. The air movement created forces the moist, stale air that causes condensation, mould and mildew out of the building.

Damp houses are much

harder to heat than dry ones

and health consequences

are well known.

SmartVent Lite systems use proprietary sensor controls designed for New Zealand conditions.

The SmartVent Lite system consists of nude and acoustic insulated ducting and high quality F7 grade filters installed in the roof cavity, ceiling mounted diffusers and an internal wall mounted touch screen controller.

The touch screen controller is easy-to-use and once the preferred

operating temperature is set, the fan speed is automatically controlled.

The fan speed can be manually adjusted if required.


SmartVent Lite systems are the simple, no fuss way to ventilate your home or rental property


Contents List:

1 x SmartVent Lite controller.

1 x 150mm Fan.

1 x Fan Suspension Kit.

1 x F7 Filter.

1 x 150mm Fixed Grille.

2 150mm Low Profile Diffusers.

1 x 150/150/150mm Y Branch.

2 x 150mm x 6m Nude Duct.

1 x 150mm x 3m Acoustic Duct.

1 x 30m Duct Tape Roll.


Diagram shows additional outlets added and does not show true description of contents.

All wiring should be performed by a qualified electrician and comply with national wiring rules.