SV04E2 FAN6911 (EVOLVE 2)

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SV04E2 FAN6911 (EVOLVE 2)

SV04E2 FAN6911 (EVOLVE 2)

  • $2,679.32

This SmartVent SV04 Evolve2 Positive Pressure System is a complete DIY kit and is suitable for homes up to 280m².
This kit comes with a comprehensive instruction guide.

SmartVent Evolve2 is the only centralised positive pressure ventilation system available in New Zealand that actively measures the moisture content of the air and reacts to improve air quality, reducing the risk of over-ventilating your home. While traditional positive pressure systems measure temperature alone, SmartVent Evolve2 incorporates multiple sensors that calculate dew point - an important factor in controlling condensation.

As a positive pressure system, SmartVent Evolve2 draws in fresher, drier air from the roof cavity and filters it before distributing the clean air into, and around, your home via a network of ceiling diffusers. Air from the outside can also be sourced if the seasonal add-on option is part of your SmartVent Evolve2 ventilation system. Whichever the air source option, the air movement created forces the moist, stale air and unwanted pollutants that cause condensation, mould, mildew and health problems, out of your home giving you better air for a healthier home.


Kit Contents.

4 x 150mm Supply Diffusers.

1 x 150mm Fixed Grille.

1 x 200mm Fixed Grille.

1 x F7 Filter.

1 x 200mm 3 Speed fan.

3 x 150mm x 6m Acoustic insulated duct.

1 x 200mm x 3m Nude Duct.

1 x 200mm x 3m Insulated Duct.

1 x 150/150/150 Y Branch.

1 x 200/150/150/150 Double Branch.

1 x 150mm Duct Joiner.

1 x Colour touch controller/ sensors & roof controller.